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Evaluation of Water and Sediments in Streams, Lakes, Storm Drains and Basins

The condition of the surface waters and associated sediments of the Great Lakes are of primary importance to the economy and environment of the Great Lakes Region. Service Environmental Engineering, Inc. has the experience and equipment to sample and evaluate these important natural and man-made water bodies and structures.

Service Environmental Engineering has a multi-stage sludge sampler and associated devices for sampling sediment and sludge and have various sizes of boats for reaching all parts of any shallow body of the water of the Great Lakes. SEE can sample and core to a depth of eight feet of sediment, SEE can also look at the condition of your detention and retention ponds.

In addition, See has available a suite of different types of surface water samplers that will sample surface wter automatically where 24-hour composite sampling, storm water run-off sampling, or any other manned or unmanned sampling is required.

The Ground to Surface Water Pathway Criteria of the Michigan Environmental Regulations are some of the most stringent risk-based numbers of the hazardous materials that may enter the surface water of the State of Michigan. Therefore, the evaluation of the sediments and soil near our shorelines at sites that are being considered for development must be evaluated in a thorough and timely manner.

Service Environmental Engineering, Inc, are qualified to test for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs). These substances can be found in both surface and groundwater, and have been found in various levels through-out the state.

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