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Environmental Permits and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Storm Water Filtration

In general, the following activities are regulated under environmental laws and your facility may need a permit: Manufacturing, Public Warehousing, Transportation, Mining, Open Landfills, Steam Electric Power Plants, Recycling Facilities, Waste Water Treatment and Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities. Your SIC code will tell you the kind of permit that is required. If the industrial materials and products that you use or produce are in contact with storm water, then it is likely that your facility will need a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in operation so that there is the required level of protection for the receiving waters. If your facility is in an area where there are combined sewers, you likely will not need an SWPPP. It is possible that there is no exposure at your facility and you can obtain a "No Exposure Certification" and you will not need a permit or a SWPPP. Service Environmental Engineering (SEE) can help you with this determination.

Service Environmental Engineering has prepared and managed more than 100 SWPPPs for a wide variety of industrial facilities in the Southeast Michigan Area. The preparation and implementation of the SWPPP is required for certain business codes per Federal Regulations. SEE can prepare your plan, be your Certified Storm Water Operator or work with your Certified Operator. SEE can be your go-between with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) that oversees SWPPPs. SEE can perform the required inspections, sample collections or even help to train your employees to perform the needed activities.

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