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The Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP)

If your on-land facility has polluting materials that meet or exceed threshold management quantities (TMQs) or the Department of Natural Resource and Environment (DNRE) determines a release from your facility could cause substantial harm to the surface waters or ground waters of the state then your facility is required to have a PIPP and meet associated requirements. This is pursuant to Part 5 Rules promulgated under Part 31 of Act 451.

TQMs are as follows:

There are exemptions to the Part 5 rules. Many of these exemptions apply if the facility is subject to other specific regulations related to oil and gas, flammable or combustible materials and hazardous wastes. With the exemption there are still some requirements including surveillance, procedures, development of specific storage areas or containments and release reporting.

The components of the PIPP includes:

New facilities or existing facilities that are changing operations that they will be above or meeting TMQs must have a PIPP completed before beginning those operations. Plans must be reviewed every three years or after any significant release.

Within a month after completion or modification of a PIPP, the owner or operator must notify the local emergency planning committee, the local health department and the DNRE District Office Part 5 Rules Program.

A certification stating that the facility is in compliance with all of the Part 5 Rules must be submitted to the DNRE. A voluntary submittal or the category of polluting materials is requested. The DNRE may want a copy of your PIPP.

PIPPs may be combined with Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP). An ICP may be the way to cover all bases if the facility is subject to multiple regulations.

Service Environmental Engineering has developed and reviewed PIPPs. Let us help your business meet your environmental compliance needs.

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