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Geoprobe Soil Boring

Geo-Probe Soil Boring on Site

Phase II studies or site closures usually include soil sampling during soil boring. Geoprobe boring is less expensive than using conventional drill rigs for completing soil borings and/or installing monitoring or injection wells. The probe is hydraulically-driven by a hammer with percussion. Soil sampling speed in more rapid for direct push tools and fewer wastes are generated that require disposal as compared to conventional auger drilling. Continuous cores are obtained in plastic tubes that are cut open for Photo-ionization measurements, characterizing of the soil and for obtaining laboratory samples. Discrete continuous soil sampling is possible through a dual tube system. But before we bore we check with MISS DIG and map out all of the underground utilities.

Additionally, ground water can be sampled through probe tools or monitoring wells can be set for ground water sampling and the water table elevations can be determined. SEE has the capability to install 0.5 inch or 0.75 inch prepacked monitoring wells

There is minimal disruption of the site as small holes (1.25 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter) can be punched through black-top surfaces and concrete surfaces sometimes. In some cases it is desirable to use a concrete boring device to complete a hole in the concrete. These holes are easily patched and clean-up is relatively easy.

The SEE Geoprobe can be used in many outdoor sites because the Geoprobe is mounted on four-wheel drive truck. It also can be used in buildings with twenty-foot ceilings and garage doors. SEE will supply all of the necessary tools and expendables for performing the work. Our Geoprobe Operator has many years of experience and we rarely have trouble getting the job completed. We can drill to a thirty-foot depth depending on the nature of the soil.

Service Environmental Engineering has a Model 5400 Geoprobe mounted on a Ford F-250. The system supplies 14 tons of pull and 10.5 tons of downforce. Additional description of the equipment can be found by contacting SEE.

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