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Soil Sampling and Remediation

Service Environmental Engineering, Inc, (SEE) has the capability to investigate surface and subsurface soil conditions for industrial, municipal, and private property owners using various subsurface techniques.

Service Environmental Engineering, Inc.can collect soil and/or ground water samples by use of our Geo-Probe or by using a range of hand sampling equipment. The Geo-Probe is used to sample the soils and set ground water monitoring wells. If a less disturbed sample is required, SEE has drive tube samplers that can be operated by hand. These methods are the least obtrusive, can operate without power sources, and sample in small areas where power equipment cannot access. Sampling of sediments and water in lakes and canals can be provided with available equipment.

SEE also provides Geo-Probe coring/sampling with our own equipment and hollow-stem auger services through our competitive agreements with our sub-contractors.

For information concerning location of subsurface materials such as suspect underground storage tanks, SEE can provide remote sensing methods such as magnetic surveys using our magnetic indicator meter to show the presence of ferrous materials without intrusive subsurface testing. Other geophysical methods may be used for remote testing, with special requests.

These data can be evaluated immediately at your site by an SEE professional and a confidential report will be prepared for you.

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