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Special Discharge Permitting

Certain industrial facilities may require a Special Discharge Permit which may include a Slug Control/Spill Prevention Plan (SC/SPP) depending on the discharge from the facility. The Industrial Waste Control Division of Detroit Water ad Sewage Department, the Great Lakes Water Authority, and other units of government allow the discharge generated and/or accumulated form groundwater, storm water, site remediation (not subject to SARA and CERLA) and other waste water sources into the particular discharge system in accordance with certain conditions. The following are typical and SEE can help your facility meet these conditions by completing any application, maintaining any pretreatment system, collecting required samples and performing any periodic reporting and meeting with any inspectors.

The facility cannot discharge any waste water into the specific system without a Special Discharge Permit.

The permit application must include:

The public water and sewage department can accept a certain maximum special water discharge of, for example, 100,00 gallons per day based on a twenty-four (24) hour period. The discharge may be further limited by the sewer carrying capacity of the connected sewer outfall.

The applicant shall install a waste water treatment system pretreatment system when it is determined that it is necessary.

The public water and sewage department shall inspect the remediation and treatment facility before and during any discharges made.

No permit will be issued until the entire requirements are met.

The Special Discharge Permit shall contain discharge limitations, monitoring requirements, design and location of the treatment system map and other general conditions needed for compliance.

The applicant shall comply with established conditions and requirements as issued on the Special Discharge Permit. Failure to comply may result in immediate permit revocation and appropriate enforcement action.

Service Environmental Engineering has performed the above requirements for industrial facilities in a satisfactory manner - SEE has maintained the Special Discharge Permit for one local facility for nearly fifteen years.

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