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Baseline Environmental Assessment

The Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) is an environmental reporting document created by the State of Michigan to enhance a property transaction. The BEA establishes the condition of a site's environmental impact before a real estate transaction using Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment methodologies. This is performed before or during a real estate transaction by an environmental professional retained by the site owner/operator or a buyer or bank. This procedure can be utilized to minimize liability during and after a property transfer/transaction.

The Baseline Environmental Assessment can be important to either the Buyer, Seller and/or Property Owner in the following instances:

Service Environmental Engineering, Inc. can develop the Baseline Environmental Assessment following completion of the Phase II ESA report and appropriate site specific intrusive testing. The BEA identifies future site use based on future hazardous material occurrence, distinguishing future hazardous substance release from those already on the site. The report includes a Document of Due Care Compliance (DDCC) section that includes Measures to Mitigate Unacceptable Exposure and Prevent Exacerbation of Impact, Reasonable Precautions, Property Use, Proposed Remedial Action, and/or Engineering Controls as Necessary for Compliance.

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