Vet Owned

Veteran Owned and Operated

Environmental Audits

Service Environmental Engineering, Inc. personnel will perform a Limited Environmental Assessment Audit by conducting walk-throughs, discussions and reviews with administrative, management, and operations personnel to note significant observations that will be helpful in the assessment. In addition, SEE can provide comments or suggestions based on conditions noted in the compliance audit, for changes in the operational procedures that may enhance safety in the work practice, minimize waste through recycling, or reduce compliance obligations through equipment or work practice’s changes.

Facility Compliance Audit may consist of the following:

Air Water RCRA Permits to Install NPDES/POTW ID Number Permits to Operate Storm Water Plan Prevention Resource Title V facilities’ Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Hazardous Waste Management

EPA Facility ID# / Manifests / Generator Type Annual Reporting / Record Keeping / Training Records Hazardous Waste Characterization / Labeling of Hazardous Waste Waste Minimization Assessment / Analytical Testing of Waste Streams

Oil and Waste Oil Management

Types of Oil shipped / Classification of the Oils / Analytical Testing of the Oils
Is the Oil shipped for recycling, recovery, or proper disposal?

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Is the plan updated, Signed, Permit Type, Facility Map, Quarterly Inspections?
Sampling Requirements, Visual Assessment Reports, Sampling Point or Points

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Act (SPCC) Plan

The amount of Oil stored in Equipment / Tanks / Containers
Is the above ground storage greater than 1320 gallons
Is there oil storage in underground storage tanks

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (SARA Title III)

Hazardous Chemical Reporting, Reporting Requirements, Tier I Inventory Reporting, Tier II Inventory Information, Tire II Reporting, Safety Data Sheets, Amount of Chemicals stored on site, Sections 311 and 312 of SARA Title III, 313 Form “R”


Daily, Monthly, Yearly Emission Levels, Any Permits.

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