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Nuclear Power Back in the News

Jeannine Grossenbacher

by IconScout Store

Following recent bills requiring Michigan to achieve 100% clean enrgy by 2040, Michigan politicians are once more turning to nuclear power, and Michigan may be in line for some help.

Michigan's Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, located in Van Buren County, may re-open with a $1.5 billion loan from the federal governemnt. According to Bloomsberg, the United States Energy Department is set to offer Holtec Interntional, the current owner of Plaisades, the conditional loan later this month. The plant's owner hopes to build 2 new reactors, which could be operatioal by 2030.

The Palisades plant originally opened in 1971, but has been shut down several times over the years due to radioactive leaks and problems with defective equipment. In 2022, Florida based Holter bought Palisades from Entergy with plans to decommission the plant. Higher operating costs and lower profitability were cited as reasons for this decision. However, with the recent push towards cleaner energy sources, the Palisades plant may be given another chance.

The Biden administration is hoping to increase clean energy production by restarting several plants across the country, besides the one here in Michigan.

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